Legal Services

Engaging with corporate clients is at the core of what we do.

Our services include:

  • Buying and Selling Businesses – Helping buyers or sellers close their merger/acquisition deals. This includes deal planning, letter of intent negotiation, share or asset purchase agreement drafting and all other related legal services required to get the deal closed.
  • Professional Corporations – Helping health professionals (such as those practicing medicine, dentistry, chiropractic, pharmacy and physiotherapy), social workers, lawyers and other professionals introduce sound legal structures into their practices.
  • Social Impact – Legal advice and related services to B Corporations, social enterprises and other for-profit businesses dedicated to financial, social and environmental sustainability.  This includes incorporating and structuring start-ups within this space and introducing employee share ownership plans (ESOPs).   We also provide similar services to non-profits dedicated to social and environmental impact.
  • International Business – Helping Canadian businesses connect with, and properly instruct, foreign lawyers, accountants and other professionals when expanding into foreign markets.  At the same time, this practice includes helping foreign companies start off their business in Canada on sound legal footing.
  • In-House Counsel as-a-Service – Providing general corporate and commercial services to those companies lacking in-house counsel capacity.   This includes drafting general commercial contracts, standard form employee or contractor agreements, and implementing tax restructuring and reorganizations (based on the advice of tax counsel).