CPS Services

Osborn-Parnes Creative Problem Solving (CPS) is a deliberate process for solving problems and exploring opportunities when you want to go beyond conventional thinking and arrive at creative and implementable solutions.

We have learned that our clients often benefit from looking at their issues and challenges through a “CPS lens” prior to applying a legal one. This is particularly true of clients developing social enterprises, contemplating business succession or seeking innovative approaches to dispute resolution.

Utilizing CPS allows us to expand conversations from being problem-focused to possibility-focused by facilitating divergent (i.e. creative) thinking throughout a process that allows space for clients to explore and re-frame the questions they face, come up with new and innovative responses and solutions, and then take action.

We have found that most legal issues can be solved using conventional best-practice approaches.  But not all challenges are amenable to known solutions. They require creative thinking to discover new and better solutions. Creative Problem Solving allows us to offer truly innovative services and uncover game-changing and market-making opportunities for our clients.